What best describes ASEGO – Service excellence, transparency, outstanding customer care and an unyielding commitment to being the best at what we do. At ASEGO, business partners and customers are our biggest assets and we are committed to providing them with a wide range of innovative and tailor-made travel protection solutions.

Policy Authenticator

Stay Protected

ASEGO provides travel assistance and insurance services including global medical assistance, family protection, concierge services and other ancillary products. With a fully integrated and in-house assistance team, our expert team protects more than 5 million Indian travellers every year.

Travel Protection services for hassle-free domestic & international trips!

Travel & Global Assistance

Let your customers avail 24x7 medical assistance, concierge assistance, weather alerts, exchange rates and much more

Travel Insurance

Give the benefit of travel insurance services to your customers for their business, leisure and education trips

Family Protection

Empower your customer's family with 24x7 medical assistance and roadside assistance

Lifestyle Assistance

Offer your customers services like details of events and entertainment anywhere in the world

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